Morning Glories (Campanillas Azules)

Oil on canvas 16x20 in.
This is from where the morning glory vine runs wildly around a telephone pole and then cascades down into a corner in our garden.  The light as it hit the petals and some of the leaves and the mysterious shadows underneath captivated my attention.

Esto es de donde las campanillas corre salvajemente alrededor de un poste de teléfono y entonces cae en una esquina en nuestro jardín.  La luz que golpeaba los pétalos y algunas de las hojas y las sombras misteriosas debajo cautivaron mi atención.

"I paint flowers so they will not die"  Frida Kahlo 


  1. Just love this Laurelle! One of my favorite flowers. You have captured them so well. Love the shapes in the leaves, and that abstracted bloom in front is eye catching. Beautiful work :)

    1. Thank you so much for that feedback. It is one of my favorite flowers also. This is the first home I've lived in where they actually grow wildly and without me trying to get them to grow. It was a difficult painting, very complex, very challenging. Next time I think I'll just cut them and put them in a vase!


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