A La Piscina

Oil on canvas 9.5x7 in.
Heat has let up a bit today, but still the pool is where to be.  I painted the background first because on such a small canvas I have difficulty not resting my hand on it.  The Greek design on inside of pool wall was problematic, but I learned that next time I will tackle such a detail when underpainting is dry.  I am now going to stretch out on one of those chairs.


  1. I actually really like what you did with the patterns on the ceramic tiles! Painting wet-in-wet has integrated them into the overall painting and painting them on dried surface may actually result in too clear-cut and therefore natural looking effect. Hope you had a good time sunning on those lovely chairs!

  2. Thank you, Arena, for the constructive encouragement. I appreciate it!

  3. Very attractive--in more ways than one!

  4. I can feel the shadows of the trees move in this painting :)

    1. Light and shadow playing with each other!

  5. LOVE the water, its colors and movement and fluidity!

  6. Thank you, Dotty. It's my first attempt at a swimming pool, and I appreciate the encouragement. Since I'm a swimmer, it will probably one day become a theme for a future 30-day challenge.


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